Monday, January 21, 2008


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Paula said...

I recently read a story online from the Minneapolis Star Tribune about a woman killed by an SUV at Forestville State Park. After reading the posted comments, I visited your site and then did some web surfing of my own and came across this site:

It's vague, but it shows just how unregulated the towing laws are. I am absolutely appalled. My dad built a utility trailer that we use to haul our camping gear. We never pull out of the driveway without going through the checklist: pin, chains, breakaway, working lights, tire check, tarp securely fastened all the way around, etc.

It's a damn shame that more people (both private and commercial) don't take the responsibility of keeping themselves and others safe. Bravo for your efforts and research. I appreciate your website. Keep up the good work!!! Paula